Allan and Patricia Herbert are the third generation of their family to operate The Richmond. They bring to the hotel their personal style of management that has won them numerous awards and honors. Both are graduates of the University of Miami where they have been honored for their philanthropy and service. They are the only graduates of UM to have been jointly awarded the Henry King Stanford Alumnus of the Year Award, the highest honor bestowed upon alumni.

Before assuming management of The Richmond, Allan and Patti both held key management positions in major US corporations. They have taken the skills learned there and applied them to the management of The Richmond.

During your stay at The Richmond, you may see Allan and Patti throughout the hotel. They invite you to address any of your concerns or comments directly to them.

The Richmond is now a GREEN HOTEL. Room temperatures are kept at a comfortable level, but minimum and maximum temperatures are strictly controlled by special thermostats. Incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by energy saving halogen and flourescent bulbs. Energy consumption in each guest room is controlled by automatic switches upon entry and exit into each guest room. Water pressure is maintained at minimum levels by water restriction devices.

The Richmond recycles whenever possible to conserve energy. High energy consumption machinery has been replaced. Guests are encouraged to conserve energy whenever possible.

The Richmond is now NON-SMOKING. This helps us to maintain a cleaner hotel and enables all of our guest's to equally enjoy their stay at

The Richmond.The Richmond Goes Green!

The Richmond is now a Green Hotel. Energy saving devices and equipment have been installed throughout the hotel. 

Each guest room is now equipped with special thermostats that maintain temperatures at comfortable levels. Air conditioning units are automatically turned off when guests leave their rooms. Lamps and TV sets are also turned off automatically. Minimum and maximum temperatures are maintained in each guest room.

Light bulbs throughout the hotel have been replaced with energy saving halogen and fluorescent bulbs. Water pressure has been reduced with the use of water restriction devices. Plants are watered with "gray" water that has been recycled. Recycling of all consumables is done by all hotel departments. Guest's are encouraged to practice energy conservation wherever possible throughout the hotel. 

We are a Non-Smoking Property!

At the request of many of our guests, The Richmond is a Non-Smoking property. We ask guests not to smoke in any of our guest rooms or in any of the public areas. There is a $250 cleaning charge if any guest smokes in their room. 
*The Richmond Hotel offers a limited number of Parlor Suites.*
**Studio accommodations are also featured at our sister property the Richmond Studios (just around the corner at 1757 James Avenue): Richmond Studios guests also enjoy the full use of our Hotel's amenities.**
For rates and availability: please contact our Hotel Staff directly at 305.538.2331 or